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Choosing the Right Hospital

Selecting a hospital is always a critical choice and choosing the right one to meet your needs is essential. The more information available to you in this matter the more informed a decision you make. These links may give you a place to start your research:

Nursing Home Information and Alternatives

Each year, members of our families and our friends are admitted to nursing homes. This is never an easy decision and tough choices must be made. Among the many questions that must be answered are issues such as eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid, the level of care provided by staff doctors, nurses and aides, and what types and frequency of therapy are available. Additionally, in many cases an alternative to a nursing home, such as home care, is the recommended option.

For your convenience, below is listed a variety of sites to assist you in making an informed and loving decision for a loved one or friend about what to do should the need arise.

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