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Choosing the Right Hospital

Selecting a hospital is always a critical choice and choosing the right one to meet your needs is essential. The more information available to you in this matter the more informed a decision you make. These links may give you a place to start your research

The Joint Commission

How to Choose the Right Hospital

Nursing Home Information and Alternatives

Each year members of our families and our friends are admitted to nursing homes. This is never an easy decision and tough choices must be made. Among the many questions that must be answered are issues such as: eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid, the level of care provided by staff doctors, nurses and aides and what types and frequency of therapy is available. Additionally, in many cases an alternative to a nursing home, such as home care, is the recommended option.

For your convenience, below are listed a variety of sites that may assist you to make an informed decision about what to do should the need arise.

Medicare - Nursing Home overview

Medicare - Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home

NY Connects - choices for long-term care

New York Dept of Health - complaints about nursing home care

New York Dept of Health - selecting a nursing home in New York state

New York nursing home watchlist - nursing homes cited for actual harm/immediate jeopardy

Medicare - Alternatives to Nursing Homes

Alzheimer's website/locator for licensed facilities by zip code

Alzheimer's Association - Booklet on How To Get Started

National Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform and Nursing Home Resident Rights

American Association of Home and Services for the Aging

New York State Office for the Aging

Additional Web Resources:

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Solar Power

While clearly unrelated to the practice of law, each of us, as Americans, recognize how important it is for our country to become more energy self-sufficient and able to utilize renewable environmentally sound resources. Those of us who are homeowners would like to reduce our energy costs and carbon footprints. Solar power for our homes seems like an obvious place to start. While our political leaders tell us about all the government programs and incentives to implement solar power, I thought it would be helpful to provide links to resources that explain the solar materials available and the incentives offered by the government. I hope you find this information useful.

Solar Materials available:

tech specs of solar power

solar electricity information

Solar Power Incentives:

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

NYSERDA - economic stimulus information; American Recovery & Reinvestment Act 2009

TIAP - The Tax Incentives Assistance Project

TIAP - who is eligible and how do the incentives work

New York Solar Incentives from the Solar Power Authority

solar incentives and grants

Solar Energy Industries Association