Wrongful Death

Legally, wrongful death is defined as a death caused by the fault of another. Many circumstances
can lead to a wrongful death, including an automobile accident, the manufacture of a defective or dangerous product, the construction of an unsound structure or building, the failure to treat a medical patient properly or the misdiagnosis of a fatal disease.

Family members or beneficiaries of a decedent generally file wrongful death claims or lawsuits
to recover "pecuniary losses." In some instances, these claims are filed to obtain monetary damages to cover the earnings the deceased person would have provided.  Other damages that may be recovered include:

  • Expenses associated with the death, e.g., medical and funeral
  • Lost benefits, such as insurance
  • Loss of inheritance from an untimely death
  • Pain, suffering or mental anguish suffered by the decedent
  • Loss of companionship, parental guidance, care or protection
  • Punitive damages, intended to punish wrongdoers and prevent them from harming others.

The Law Offices of Bradley A. Sacks has over 25 years' worth of experience, maximizing the available recovery to survivors.  Every claim is meticulously investigated.  Experts in appropriate specialties, including forensic pathologists, accountants and economists, are retained and consulted.  Our goal is to provide you with the full measure of damages allowed under the law.

Recent Experience

Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death: Brooklyn, NY
$1.05 million settlement for failure to diagnose esophageal cancer in the wrongful death of 50-year old man.

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