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A Dedicated Legal Ally For Patients Suffering From A Missed Diagnosis

It is no secret that New York City’s hospitals have more patients than their staffs can handle. This overcapacity can put your health at risk when medical professionals don’t have the resources to properly diagnose your illness or condition.

At Law Office of Bradley A. Sacks, we know that a failure to diagnose not only adds months or years of needless suffering. It also affects your ability to get the proper treatment you deserve. Our attorney is ready to help you take legal action against negligent health care providers so that you get justice for your undiagnosed condition and prevent others from experiencing this lapse in care.

What Does “Failure To Diagnose” Mean?

Failure to diagnose differs from a misdiagnosis because it refers to a situation in which a medical professional does not treat a condition or illness even after symptoms are present. A misdiagnosis occurs when the health care provider makes the wrong diagnosis about a condition.

This type of medical malpractice may occur when:

  • The health care professional does not take the patient’s claims seriously, dismissing the symptoms as imaginary.
  • The health care professional misinterprets the signs of the condition, believing them to be a reaction to medication that the patient has been prescribed.
  • The health care professional does not recognize the signs associated with the condition or illness.

How A Missed Diagnosis Can Affect Your Health

Failure to diagnose a condition can result in worsening of the condition, or tragically, to death. It is not uncommon for overburdened emergency room physicians or general practitioners to overlook the symptoms associated with a heart attack, cancer or stroke when they are rushing through their rounds.

Regardless of their patient load, medical professionals are required to provide a standard of care that reflects years of training and specialized instruction. As a patient, you deserve to be heard when you are sharing your concerns with a doctor, nurse practitioner, emergency room physician or another health care provider.

We Are Here To Listen To You And Advocate For Your Case

Our lawyer will listen to you and give you the attention you need during a difficult time. If you believe that you or a loved one has suffered from a doctor’s failure to diagnose your condition promptly, contact our New York office online or over the phone at 646-835-2075.

We offer no-cost medical malpractice consultations for injured patients and their loved ones.