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Giving Your Distracted Driving Claim Our Undivided Attention

When you are sharing the road with passenger vehicles, buses, trucks, cabs and cyclists in New York City, it is a feat to reach your destination without an accident. Navigating the highly-congested streets requires undivided attention, which some drivers refuse to give. There are many drivers who choose to text rather than concentrate on the road ahead. Their negligence put your life at risk.

At Law Office of Bradley A. Sacks, we have advocated for thousands of New York City residents who have been hurt as a result of another driver’s reckless or careless actions. Whether you have been involved in a collision with a commercial truck or a passenger vehicle, our attorney will aggressively pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.

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Texting Isn’t The Only Type Of Distracted Driving

Texting is the most common form of distracted driving, but there are types of distracted driving that can take a driver’s focus off the road just long enough for a collision to occur.

Other forms of distracted driving include:

  • Dialing numbers on a handheld cellphone
  • Surfing the internet on the phone
  • Getting directions from a GPS device
  • Changing screens on the car’s infotainment system
  • Talking with passengers in the car
  • Reprimanding children in the car’s backseat
  • Drinking or eating
  • Applying makeup or changing clothes

Although New York prohibits using a handheld cellphone while driving, many drivers ignore this driving restriction. If you believe that your accident was caused by a distracted driver, our lawyer will study the circumstances leading up to your crash and design an effective strategy that gets results.

Whether you are challenging the at-fault driver in court or have received a low payout offer from your insurance provider, we are ready to assist you with your claim. With over 35 years of personal injury experience, attorney Sacks knows how to use the law for your benefit.

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