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Obtaining Justice After Your Doctor Failed To Treat Your Condition

It can be heartbreaking to learn that you are suffering from a severe illness or medical condition that could have been easily treated in its early stages. As a patient, you deserve skilled, thorough medical care. When a medical professional fails to conduct a proper evaluation and take the appropriate steps to address your health concerns, you can suffer long-term consequences.

At Law Office of Bradley A. Sacks, we make it our mission to hold health care providers responsible for failing to treat illnesses, injuries and conditions. Our founding lawyer, Bradley A. Sacks, has over three decades of courtroom experience, which he will leverage when he handles your case. Although medical malpractice claims are among the most difficult claims to pursue, attorney Sacks knows how to navigate the process effectively.

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Failure To Treat Can Happen At Any Stage Of The Patient’s Journey

Negligence can occur at any time while the patient is under a medical provider’s care, during consultations, procedures and post-operative assessments.

You may be entitled to receive compensation for malpractice if your doctor failed to:

  • Identify all reasonable medical options
  • Treat you because you were not insured
  • Conduct appropriate tests
  • Refer you to a specialist when necessary

Life-changing mistakes happen when doctors, specialists, emergency room physicians and other medical professionals advise patients hastily, overlook symptoms or disregard a patient’s concerns. Often, their heavy patient load limits the time they have to explore medical options and provide sound advice.

When medical professionals prioritize quantity of patients treated over the quality of treatment provided, it’s the patients who suffer. Our legal team has successfully represented patients affected by untreated traumatic brain injuries (TBI), heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other serious medical issues. We are dedicated to pursuing maximum compensation for your claim.

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