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Surgery And Anesthesia Errors May Constitute Medical Malpractice

When a patient needs surgical care, a doctor is obligated to provide the patient with enough information to understand the need for treatment and the general manner in which the treatment will be performed. The doctor also owes the patient an explanation of other available alternative treatments or procedures in general use, whether or not they are recommended by the physician, and information about expected recuperation time and possible complications.

A poor outcome of surgery is not necessarily the result of malpractice. But when surgeons, anesthesiologists and the surgical team deviate from standard surgical procedures or bypass failsafe protocols, resulting in lasting injury or death, the victim and family may have a legal cause of action.

We Hold Surgeons And Hospitals Accountable For Surgical Errors

At the Law Office of Bradley A. Sacks, we have more than 35 years of experience assisting people who have had surgical procedures that did not have the expected outcome or led to additional problems for the patient. At a free consultation with our firm, you will have a chance to discuss what happened to you or a loved one, which will help us determine whether medical records should be collected and reviewed. Our experience, combined with our resources — including surgeons and other specialists who will review your records — enables us to assess whether or not the standards of care owed to you by a medical professional were followed.

Complications can arise due to general, regional or local anesthesia. Often the result of such complications can be devastating to the patient and their loved ones. We have a proven record of successfully representing patients and their families who have suffered anesthetic complications, including paralysis, nerve injuries, strokes and persistent vegetative states. We pride ourselves on our ability to analyze your situation and explain to you in plain English why you may be entitled to fair and appropriate compensation.

Recent Results

  • $1,45 million settlement during trial for a claim of an improperly performed Roux-en-Y bariatric surgery procedure
  • $17,500 verdict for lack of informed consent involving a mini-abdominoplasty that caused an unsightly scar requiring surgical revision
  • $3.6 million settlement for a patient rendered paraplegic due to a claim of an improperly performed surgical procedure
  • $550,000 for improperly treated infection of breast reconstruction following mastectomy
  • $600,000 for infection following Lap-Band(TM) surgery

Get Legal Support If You Have Suffered From Surgical Or Anesthesia Mistakes

If you believe you or a loved one has been a victim of an improperly performed surgical procedure, contact the Law Office of Bradley A. Sacks online or call 646-835-2075 to schedule a free consultation with no obligation at which we can discuss your situation and your legal options.