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Take Action While Facing Life-Changing Injuries

Sometimes a pregnancy or the labor and delivery of a child does not progress normally, resulting in injury to the child, mother or both. Our firm understands that such harm can be devastating to a family. We will work to assist you in obtaining the facts that led to these events with the professionalism and expertise such a claim demands.

Accepted standards of medical practice often dictate the use of electronic monitors to track fetal and maternal progress and well-being. Medical staff should be frequently assessing a laboring mother. The obstetrician and attending medical staff must be prepared to react quickly and decisively to prevent harm to their patients when evidence exists that the mother or infant is receiving an insufficient amount of oxygen, is in abnormal distress or that the labor is not progressing properly.

Too often, a permanent childbirth injury occurs when the flow of blood and oxygen is restricted during the labor and delivery process. Umbilical cord compression, malpositioning of the child in the birth canal and disproportion are a few of the causes of this restriction. Permanent injuries may result if the attending physician or medical personnel fail to correct the flow of blood and oxygen or fail to identify and address the reason that labor is not progressing normally.

The decision to perform a caesarean section is an example of one option and technique that may prevent permanent and severe damage to a child. The responsible medical professionals may be held accountable if they fail to follow accepted practices. The diminished quality of life, the infant’s pain and suffering, and emotional and financial losses suffered by the child and family can be recovered in a successful lawsuit.

Recent Results

  • $1.4 million verdict in Ulster County, New York, for the death of a woman in her 26th week of pregnancy due to the failure to diagnose and properly treat a ruptured uterus
  • $450,000 settlement for a woman who was improperly touched by a physician during an examination – United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

Get Legal Support For Your Birth Injury Case

If you believe you or a loved one has been a victim of medical malpractice that has resulted in an injury to a newborn or new mother, contact the Law Office of Bradley A. Sacks online or call 646-835-2075 to schedule a free consultation with no obligation at which we can discuss your situation and your legal options.