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Helping Patients Injured By Medication Errors

When you are prescribed or administered medication, you rely on your team of health care professionals to select the appropriate drug for you and deliver it correctly. Physicians, nurse practitioners, anesthesiologists, pharmacists, nursing home caregivers and other medical professionals receive special medication training to reduce the likelihood of drug interactions and overdoses.

If they are careless when prescribing or administering a drug, the outcome can be life-changing or even fatal. Our legal team at Law Office of Bradley A. Sacks skillfully represents patients and their loved ones affected by preventable medication mistakes. For over three decades, we have helped New York City residents get justice and fair compensation for injuries caused by medical malpractice.

Designing An Effective Approach For Your Case

Before drugs are administered or prescribed, medical professionals should review the patient’s records to determine whether allergies, medical conditions or current prescriptions could interfere with recommended medication. Overlooking this step can have devastating and costly results.

Law Office of Bradley A. Sacks regularly represents patients affected by:

  • Anesthesia errors that occur before, during or after a procedure
  • Drug administration errors that occur when the incorrect drug or dosage is given to the patient
  • Prescription errors related to the incorrect medication or dosage

Successfully handling a medication error case takes substantial legal and medical insight. Attorney Sacks uses his vast understanding of New York medical malpractice laws and legal procedures to design an effective approach for your legal matter. Our firm has established a strong network of medical experts who review medical documents to determine if medical errors led to a patient’s injury.

When you hire us, we leverage this knowledge to get results. Whether you need assistance with a catastrophic medical malpractice claim or wrongful death claim, we are qualified to help.

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